Oscar's Journey to CHP Academy

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Oscar's Journey to CHP Academy

At the age of 26 Oscar Enrique Garcia has accomplished more than many of his peers. He is eloquent, calm, composed and has a clear vision of where he wants to go and how he will get there. Oscar grew up in part at Ramona Gardens and in part in Mexico. When he came back to Ramona Gardens at the age of 16, he barely spoke English. Growing up, Oscar’s father would tell him that he needs to broaden his horizons, develop his mind and learn from his experiences and the experiences of those around him in order to grow.

With his father’s words as a guiding light, Oscar spent his young-adult life setting and achieving several goals. After High School, Oscar enrolled in the California State University Chico, where he received a bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a Criminal Justice minor. Wanting to fulfill his dream of joining the California Highway Patrol (CHP), Oscar unsuccessfully applied for the Academy in 2013. The rejection only gave him strength and more determination. To better prepare himself for the CHP Academy, Oscar enrolled in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program while simultaneously pursuing a master’s degree at California State University, Fullerton. Oscar’s drive and passion did not go unnoticed - a year into the program, he was awarded a full scholarship to the University of San Francisco (USF) with the opportunity to continue the Army ROTC program there.  Oscar transferred to USF and completed his master’s degree in International Studies in 2014 and commissioned in the U.S. Army as a Second Lieutenant​ ​in May 2016.

Oscar, who is currently a summer intern for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, is glad that he was not accepted to the Highway Patrol Academy in 2012. That rejection strengthened his will and determination to succeed and led to the opportunities and experiences that have shaped his life.

Having completed both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, graduated from ROTC as an Army Officer and traveled around the world, Oscar is getting ready to start the California Highway Patrol Academy this fall - a dream since he can remember. Oscar will go through the rigorous and highly competitive program for 28 weeks in Sacramento. While very patient by nature, he is eagerly waiting for graduation day to join the ranks of CHP Officers.

His journey won’t end there. Oscar has many goals and dreams. He wants to earn a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership to help him rise in the ranks at the CHP, Army, and buy a house, to name a few. Whatever the case, Oscar says that his father has always advised him to be humble and prioritize family, friends and his community.

Oscar attributes his passion, determination and maturity to the people in his life. “My parents have raised me with a certain set of values and ethics that have guided me throughout my life. They want me to succeed! My siblings, my friends and my community look up to me. I want to make them all proud.”

Oscar is wrapping up his internship with the Housing Authority, and we know that this was probably his last internship with us. As he embarks on his next journey, we wish him well and are confident that his dream of obtaining his CHP badge will come true on day.


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